Yearly Standings

Points Qualifications for the Paupervitational

The Amsterdam Pauper Series Yearly Standings are based on the total number of Points earned during the year.
The Yearly Standings award qualifications for the Paupervitational based on final placement.

Players earn Points by competing in the Amsterdam Pauper Series events. Points at the Amsterdam Pauper Series are awarded based on:
Match Wins (3 points for each win) and
Match Ties (1 point for each match tie)

For each event participated in, players also receive 2 additional points. These are meant to encourage players to keep on trying, even if the results are not that great!

Qualifying for the 2022 Paupervitational

At the conclusion of the 2022 regular events, the Top 16 players in the final 2022 Yearly Standings will be awarded invitations to compete in the 2022 Paupervitational. Only the best of the best qualify, and the competition is expected to be fierce!

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